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How does organization development work with Vanessa?

Role, team and organization development

I support on an individual, team and organizational level, based on my well-founded experience and training.
I look at organizations through the personal systemic lens, which means I see organizations as social systems of people who shape them.
My approach is always guided by previous experiences and knowledge from other areas of life, which is why I invite to working consciously as way of our collaboration.

What we do is specified by you. That said, I am only helpful if you want to travel towards (more) self-organization, agility or conscious working.

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Enabling Consulting

... if you want sustainable  change.


A long-term change support,  in which the empowerment of those involved is of great importance.
Agile pilot; Development of a "digital incubator"; Strategy development and implementation; Merger of two business areas; long-term support of departments or teams

APPROACH (Example)

We, the "change owners" and I, often start by clarifying the reasons for the change and the scope of action of all participants. We then work together to develop a responsive change-roadmap and begin to involve all relevant stakeholders. We develop the necessary results within workshops, but training and coaching can also be relevant in the journey. The sustainable change takes place as individuals and the entire organization begin to learn and adapt, which happens in and in-between the result-oriented workshops. On request, I can be responsible for the change process, otherwise both the what and the how remain in your hands and I enable you to shape the change.
In our meetings, I bring the principles and practices of working consciously

If necessary, also remotely possible.

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... if you want to dedicate your body and mind to a (work-related) topic 


One-on-one session to gain insights on a specific topic you chose and derive next steps towards a solution or improvement.  
Example: "I want clarity about how my department is connected to department X and what I can do to improve the co-operation"

APPROACH (Example)

Holistic individual consultations with yoga elements. For example: Breathing exercise to arrive in the space. Subsequently, guided reflection on the topic. (Small) body movements or Yoga Nidra (no movement) to not only use the intellect in the coaching, but also to invite the knowledge of other parts of you (body, sensations, emotions).  Finally, development of concrete change measures (which can include Yoga practices).  

I will accompany you through the process and, if necessary, give ideas to the solution space.


Remote option available.

Beratung, Workshops
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... if you want to create a result in a group


A result-oriented work in the group, without forgetting ourselves and the "us", for a high quality outcome and a positive working experience. 
Examples: ideation workshop, creating leadership principles, finding a team mission, big room planning, conflict resolution. 
Or  as different type of keynote.

APPROACH (Example)

In advance, those responsible for the workshop and I agree on the content and design of the practices of working consciously  as well as the applied methods.
On the day of the workshop we start with an introduction, e.g. with Nidra (“yogic sleep”), a circle check-in including an agenda.
This is followed by the work-time using facilitation methods. 
We close with agreements / next steps, a circle check-out and a small "cool down" breathing exercise to digest the day.

If necessary also remotely possible.

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... if you want to equip yourself with skills (knowledge & application) for everyday (professional) life


One-day and multi-day training courses to teach skills in the area of agility (Scrum, Kanban, lateral leadership), as well as creativity, feedback and Yoga in everyday work. All training courses are hands-on, implementation oriented and tailored to your context  – after the training you will know and be able to do more!
Examples: Be creative! – Find access to your creativity for yourself and in the team; Feedback training & application in the team; Lateral leadership in self-organized organizations.

APPROACH (Example)

In advance, those responsible for the training and I align on the needs, your context and the design of the practices of working consciously .
We start the training with getting settled into the space, e.g. with Nidra ("yogic sleep"), a circle check-in including an agenda.
Then follows the interactive knowledge transfer of your choice. As an experienced trainer in adult education, my training courses are based on didactically founded concepts.
We do Pranayam (breathing exercise) in the breaks and a transfer reflection at the end.

Remote option available.


Co-creation and enablement are my focus, always aiming to Help my clients help themselves

Together, we explore how to combine systemic organizational development and Agile – across various industries and states of ‚digital-readiness'. 

We use different mind-body as well as communication techniques to work consciously, and to get good results in a sustainable way.

Let's see,
what I can do for you!

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