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Together we develop ways towards self-organization and an agile way of working . We use various mind, body and communication techniques to work consciously and to achieve good results in a sustainable way.
Focusing on you, your team or your organization ?


Hi, I'm Vanessa.

I work as a trained organization development consultant and I see myself as an enabler and sparring partner for individuals, teams and organizations in various industries.

Together, we explore how to combine systemic organizational development and Agile – across various industries and states of 'digital-readiness'.

With the invitation for working consciously in my approach, I would like to accompany people and organizations away from reactive action towards conscious being. 

How I can support...


Do just want to get out of your head?

Find a more effective way to deal with yourself and your environment with holistic individual sessions

When it comes to taking a step back and looking at things from the outside, coaching and working consciously are a dream team. In the structured individual sessions including mind-body techniques, you will find your way to deal with yourself, others and situations in the context of your choice. I can particularly support you in dealing with the requirements of your leadership role or Agile Coach / Scrum Master. Here is an example of coaching

Are there changes that need to be supported in your team or department?

New organizing, team development

If you are trying to create your way of working to simply achieve your goals better together, this is for you.
As an enabler and professional sparring partner, I offer you both help to self-help, e.g. as an agile coach, as well as my expertise in organizational development, agility and self-organization. In the process, we use various mind, body and communication techniques to
work consciously  and to get good results in a sustainable way.

These are the formats I can support you with .

Do you want to review the cornerstones of your organization from a bird's-eye view?

Development of the overall organization, strategy development and implementation

If you need to think about topics that don't fit on the day-to-day agenda,  I can take care of the how for you, as well as offer content-related impulses on organization development. My work will always be influenced by the agile mindset (e.g. organizational structures that are based on the value creation). I bring the principles and practices of working consciously  to our meetings.

These are the formats I can support you with .


What questions remain?

I look forward to our exchange

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