Yoga & Organisationen = Forschungsgegenstand

Was würde wohl passieren, wenn Yoga ein integraler Bestandteil von Organisationen wäre?

In essence, my interest is twofold: I am interested in informing the organizational development thinking system by the Vedantic[1] view on Consciousness, and by doing so, I would like to contribute to clarifying the construct of spirituality at the workplace. My proposal does not aim to define (Absolute) Consciousness. It is about investigating, within a workplace context, the path to experiencing Absolute Consciousness and the experience itself, always looking at the role organziation development can or should play in these processes.

[1] Vedanta being the Indian School of Philosophy (Nandram, 2015, p. 145). It is one of the yogic philosophies.

It is a common understanding of yogic philosophies that you need to actually experience the theory to achieve true wisdom. Based on this principle, I strive to use practice-based cases to discover how yoga can inform organizational development. This would enable application and research to go hand in hand. 

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I am currently at the beginning of my PhD journey and the research objective becomes clearer with every month.

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